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Grade Schoolers age 5-6 are learning about themselves and their world in a more physical way than ever before. Coordination of movements and fine motor skills with their hands becomes increasingly important for success in their activities.

While each child developes at a different rate, the following list provides benchmarks you may expect to see based on their age. 


Ages 5–6 years

  • Run, hop, skip, and jump
  • Perform basic dance moves
  • Throw and kick a ball, and catch it with two hands
  • Copy shapes and letters
  • Brush own teeth
  • Use spoons and forks the right way
  • May start to play a musical instrument

Ages 7–8 years

  • Ride a bike without training wheels
  • Show sports skills like catching a small ball
  • Do chores like sweeping or making the bed
  • Tie shoes and button and zip independently

Ages 9–10 years

  • Coordinate movements like dribbling and shooting a basketball
  • Use tools and draw with less frustration