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When do kids start using crayons? Tying shoes? Riding a bike? All kids develop coordination and motor skills at slightly different rates. But kids tend to reach certain milestones at certain ages.

If your child isn’t on track with all of these milestones, don’t panic. All children develop differently. Talk to your child’s health care provider about what you’re noticing to get a better sense of how your child is doing.

Infants and babies

By 2 months

  • Begin to push up when on tummy
  • Start making deliberate movements with arms and legs

By 4 months

  • Hold head upright
  • Bear weight on legs when feet are flat on the floor
  • Push up from tummy to elbows

By 6 months

  • Sit without support
  • Rock on hands and knees
  • Roll over
  • Move objects from one hand to the other

By 9 months

  • Creep, crawl, scoot, and may start to pull to standing position
  • Point at things
  • Reach for and grab a toy
  • Start picking up small pieces of food

By 12 months

  • Drink from a sippy cup
  • Shake and throw objects
  • Stand with support and may start to stand unassisted
  • Take a few steps while holding on to a person or a piece of furniture

Toddlers and preschoolers

Ages 18 months–2 years

  • Walk forward and backward
  • Run
  • Eat with a utensil
  • Hold a thick crayon or marker
  • Walk up and down stairs holding railing or person’s hand for support
  • Throw a ball

Ages 3–4 years

  • Alternate feet on the stairs
  • Jump with two feet
  • Put together a simple puzzle
  • Use door handles
  • Draw circles, squares, and very simple people
  • May ride a tricycle