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A strong foundation in Reading skills may be the key to continued academic success throughout childhood. While every child learns at a different rate, there are benchmarks that gauge the appropriate progression of academic skills.

By reviewing the list below, you will be about to more easily recognize if your child is in need of additional support services such as Occupational Therapy provided by Kids Therapy 4 Success.

For information on Math Benchmarks, we recommend the website is

Younger grade-schoolers (ages 6–7 years)

  • Learn spelling rules
  • Keep increasing the number of words they recognize by sight
  • Improve reading speed and fluency
  • Use context clues to sound out and understand unfamiliar words
  • Go back and re-read a word or sentence that doesn’t make sense (self-monitoring)
  • Connect what they’re reading to personal experiences, other books they’ve read, and world events

Older grade-schoolers (ages 8–10 years)

  • In third grade, move from learning to read to reading to learn
  • Accurately read words with more than one syllable
  • Learn about prefixes, suffixes, and root words, like those in helpfulhelpless, and unhelpful
  • Read for different purposes (for enjoyment, to learn something new, to figure out directions, etc.)
  • Explore different genres
  • Describe the setting, characters, problem/solution, and plot of a story
  • Identify and summarize the sequence of events in a story
  • Identify the main theme and may start to identify minor themes
  • Make inferences (“read between the lines”) by using clues from the text and prior knowledge
  • Compare and contrast information from different texts
  • Refer to evidence from the text when answering questions about it
  • Understand similes, metaphors, and other descriptive devices